Leather Huts & Glass Buildings

My hometown, Dubai, has little history that survives, that is tangible and can be seen on a daily basis. That’s why Toronto’s juxtaposition of historical buildings with buildings such as these always amazes me. I’m always astounded by the fact that our civilization has come so far that we went from building huts from twigs, mud and animal skins (which to me is a lot of work anyway) to sky scrapers and glass monsters like this. I’m not sure we’re heading the right way though.

I recently saw a set of digitally created images of what New York City looked like before the settlers came. It made me think– what would the world be like if we all just stay put in our own countries? Would it be better? Which countries would be in power then? Would there even be a power struggle among countries? I’m a weird kid, these are the things I think of when I see buildings.