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Things I like to eat & drink (1/many)

1) Chicken & Waffles. I love fried chicken, and I love waffles. Put your hands together. My life is made. This is actually one of my favourite foods in the world.









2) Churros: What’s better than fried dough sticks filled with or dipped in chocolate and caramel? Few things.









3) Seafood. I know, this is Red Lobster, but I’m not a snob and it’s pretty delicious.












4) Starbucks birthday cake pops. Or any cake pops that take like birthday cake. The best.


5) Cotton candy












6) Macaron ice cream sandwiches. I’ve only found these in a tiny Italian gelato shop in Dubai, but I saw a smaller, more disappointing version somewhere on the Danforth.


7) Tiki Puka Pukas and spicy fries from Trader Vic’s. My favourite bar in the world, and my favourite drink in the world. Add fries and a beach view, and I’m home.












8) Singapore noodle stir fry. I haven’t had any good stir fry in the restaurants here. This is at the Noodle Room in Dubai. Delicious.












9) Pofak Oman chips. They’re like Arab cheetos but way more delicious. I ate these my entire childhood and eating them now takes me right back to our first home by the gorgeous fold mountains of Oman.












10) Fried cheese balls from Trader Vic’s. Best fried cheese I’ve had. They mix the cheese with jalapenos, parsley and some other shit, I have no idea. I just know these are fucking delicious.



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