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Frittata Numero Dos

PS (As in, pre): I don’t care if Frittatas aren’t Spanish, I needed to title this in Spanish just because).

So the first time I made a frittata my life was a mess and I didn’t have a cast iron pan. Now I do, so it was a much better experience. Cast iron pans are a must. They’re heavy as shit and you almost always will burn yourself cause you forget it’s not a normal pan so they’re kind of a pain in the ass but totally worth it because of all the yumminess you can make.

I got mine for super cheap, like $15 from Walmart. It’s excellent quality. Look up how to clean, season and maintain a good quality cast iron pan. My sister uses them at school so she knows exactly how to take care of them, so I just let her do her shit.

Apparently there’s a thing you have to do call “seasoning” the pan before you use it, so basically it’s sort of non-stick. I think. I’m not really sure. Anyway, here’s a video on how to season your cast iron pan before you cook.

So frittatas are really simple. All you have to do is cook veggies and then pour a mixture of fluffy egg and milk on top of them and bake until it’s all cooked through.

Here’s how I made mine.

6 eggs

Half a thingy of broccoli

4-5 mushrooms

1 cup of baby carrots

Half an onion

1 tablespoon of goat cheese, crumbled

Salt & pepper

½ cup of milk

Parsley flakes or fresh parsley

Chopped, cooked spinach

2 strips of bacon

2 tablespoons of ricotta cheese

Other things you could add: ham, sausage, bacon

Fry the onion and bacon until the onion translucent and then add your vegetables. Fry them until they’re half-cooked.


Beat eggs, milk and salt & pepper together, like furiously. If your arm aches, that’s a good sign. It should be super fluffy and bubbly. Pour this over the veggies and bacon. At this point, I stirred in some ricotta cheese. Let the sides of the egg cook and then stick it in the oven. When your frittata is almost done, crumble some goat cheese on top. Cut into wedges and serve with a salad.


Frittatas are creamy and heavy, so you’ll want something sharp and tangy to balance it. I made a really simple strawberry-tomato-salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing. Simple and yum.



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