Dangerous Mousse

photo 3

I call this Dangerous Mousse because it’s so easy to make, you’ll make it over and over and over again until you’re lying on your couch groaning from stomach ache. That happened to my friend.

This is where I got the recipe but I changed it, obviously, because I have problems with every recipe I come across. I can’t follow them, for some reason – it’s always a mess when I do. The first time I made this off the recipe, the mousse was just frothy chocolate milk. Maybe I didn’t beat it enough. Either way, here’s my take.

4 parts chocolate chips – I used milk chocolate & semi-sweet mixed

A little less than 3 parts water


Melt the chocolate in the water in a pan – I used a double boiler even though the recipe didn’t ask for it. Stir it with a whisk so it’s nice and smooth. Once the chocolate is all melted, take it off the heat.

Place the pot or the bowl you heated the chocolate in, over a bowl or container of ice. With an electric mixer or, if you are experienced, beat the shit out of that chocolate-water mixture till it thickens to a mousse. It’ll take like, 10 minutes or so, but I promise you it will thicken. Spoon it into bowls and enjoy. You can stick it in the fridge for a thicker, creamier texture.

photo 2


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