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Bread Pudding

Bread pudding is surprisingly easy to make. This took me 25 minutes including the baking time. I’ve never tried it before because I’m not fully comfortable with custards. This is a much easier custard, though, very little chance of curdling, etc. The best part is, like a lot of the stuff on my blog, bread pudding is extremely versatile and you can make a variety of different flavours and play around with various textures. I love mine with chocolate and a little bit crunchy on top so its got a nice soft, moist but crunchy texture. You can top a warm bread pudding with ice cream, fudge sauce, dulce de leche, caramel sauce, clotted cream, strawberry sauce and literally anything you like! It’s a simple, delicious, comforting dessert that can be made with stuff you probably have lying around.

Day old bread is best for this. I find that breads like brioche, baguettes and challah work best for  bread pudding rather than your regular sliced bread. However, you could use sliced bread too, it would work just fine.

I made mine chocolate chip and topped with brown sugar and ate it with some clotted cream.


This makes enough for about four to six people.



250ml milk

250ml cream (I used light cream)

½ cup of sugar

a pad of butter (About 2 table spoons)

teaspoon of vanilla essence

¼ cup of brown sugar

1 egg

half a loaf of baguette, challah, white or brown sliced bread

Extras: Cocoa, chocolate chips, raisins, whiskey, nuts, pieces of cake, sprinkles, white chocolate chips, whatever.


You can use any sort of bread for this, but I used a whole wheat baguette. I cut it into cubes with a serrated knife because it was two days old and hard to tear. The bread should be in bite size pieces. Tear your bread up, just to make it look sort of rough, rather than machine-cut, and place it in an oven proof baking dish. In a separate bowl, beat the egg along with your sugar and butter until its incorporated. To this, add your milk, cream and vanilla. If its all liquidy, that’s perfect, that’s what you want. For my bread pudding, I mixed chocolate chips into my bread (just tossed it with the bread) so when it was done, there were tiny bits of chocolate in it. If you’re adding any little extras to your bread, this is a good time to add it- fruit, chocolate chips, sprinkles, brown sugar, cinnamon, etc, just toss it with your bread. Pour your egg-milk/cream mixture over this. With a spoon, push the pieces of bread into the liquid so all of it is fully submerged and soaked. Let the raw pudding sit for about 5-10 minutes. I kept pushing the bread into the liquid to ensure everything had a lot of egg mixture so that no pieces of bread were dry. Bake your pudding for about 15 minutes or so. I’m terrible with that thing that chefs say – don’t open the oven door when you’re baking something. I keep opening to check. Your pudding is done when there’s no more liquid and all the excess is now custard. Scoop some out and serve with a sauce of your choice, ice cream or icing.




































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