Simple Stir Fries

I’ve read something like this on blogs before but I’ve never tried it out. It is definitely the easiest way to make a stir fry and you can add or subtract things depending on how you like it.

I know the way I describe my recipes is a little vague, but trust me, it gets you used to cooking without a recipe which is very handy because us students don’t always have what recipes ask for in our pantries.

Also notice how all the meals I cook tend to be super versatile? That happens when you play with your food and when you are forced to cook from scratch. You won’t always have what you need and you’ll have to do without a couple of ingredients when you’re cooking. If you don’t have a couple of ingredients it doesn’t mean you can’t make it work! Always use what is convenient for you, what you can work with and what’s good for you. Google substitutions if you’re unsure. Sometimes the results can be disastrous and sometimes they can be delectable.

So for a super take out style stir fry, your basic ingredients will be soy sauce and sugar. Now obviously you can replace this with brown sugar, maple syrup or honey. I think brown sugar works best. It gives you that smokey, rich flavour that really gives any meal some depth.

You can obviously buy some sauces at your local store too, but I’m not a fan of preservatives and I try to avoid them as much as I can so I make my own sauces for the most part. Here’s a recipe and a list of things you could put into your sauces (and the flavours they impart) to personalize them the way you want.



4-5 tablespoons of Low Sodium Soy Sauce

Salt to taste

1 tablespoon brown sugar, crumbled

1 teaspoon garlic paste

1 teaspoon ginger paste

Stir Fry vegetables: Cabbage, carrots, sweet peas, sprouts, zucchini, mushrooms, etc.

Meat: Beef, chicken, shrimp, fish

1 tablespoon Rooster sauce

Some chopped parsley

Rice or noodles

Half a chopped onion

1 spring onion

¼ th cup of water



Marinate your meat the way you like it and fry it. Chop your onion into long slices and fry along with the white part of your spring onion, also sliced. Add ginger, garlic and throw in the vegetables once the onions have softened. Once your vegetables have softened, throw your meat back in and add the soy sauce, add the water and crumble brown sugar or any sugar you have over it. Let the sauce reduce a little bit till its sticky. Add your Rooster sauce or any sauce and herbs and let it simmer for a couple of moments before you spoon it over your rice or noodles.


Here are some things you could add to the soy-sauce-brown-sugar mix to make your own delicious sauce:


Franks’ Red Hot

Franks’ Buffalo Wing Sauce


Lemon juice + rind

Rooster Sauce

Chilli flakes

Thai curry paste

Freshly squeezed orange juice








Peanut butter

Tomato Paste

It’s a good idea to throw in an element that will provide heat to balance out the sweet or your meal will taste like a dessert! Throw in some chilli flakes or pour some hot sauce into that stir fry! Be adventurous and try out new things. It will be delicious!


Please excuse the horrible quality picture, my Nikon ran out of battery and my phone was the only thing handy before I devoured the bowl of stir fry and rice.



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