Dorm Cooking 101: Frittata

A frittata is a blessing to a dorm dweller. You can put anything you find into it and I usually make them with four to five eggs so I have some for brunch the next day. It’s a great meal for breakfast, lunch, brunch and even a light dinner. You can eat it with either rice or whole grain toast and it makes for a very healthy, protein rich meal. It’s super quick to make and you don’t really need any special kitchen skills to make it. If you can fry an egg, you can make a frittata.

Essentially, frittatas consist of quickly sauteed veggies and maybe bacon topped with a mixture of eggs and milk. You stick it in the oven so the top cooks and voila. You brunch/lunch/breakfast/dinner is ready! You can either get a pan with no plastic on it so you can stick the entire pan in the oven– a cast iron pan is ideal. I don’t own a cast iron pan cause I move my stuff around about three times a year and I don’t want to lug around a heavy pan. You can make it the way I made it, by starting it off in a pan and reassembling it in a baking tray.

Four to five eggs
1/3 cup of milk
Salt & pepper to taste
Any herbs you might have–I used basil & cilantro. Thyme doesn’t go very well with eggs but dill, sage is fine. You can do without herbs too.
Vegetables– I used potatoes, green peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, onions and green onions.
Meat– I used turkey bacon because its leaner but you can use real bacon, shredded chicken/turkey/steak any meat you have in your fridge.

Chop the vegetables into bite sized pieces and quickly fry them in the pan. Add the meat and fry till well done. I like to put vegetables like green peppers and broccoli at the end so they have a slight bite to them. If you’re going to add fresh herbs, add them at the end, if you’re using dry herbs, add them in the beginning. Spread the veggie mixture over the pan. Beat the eggs with the milk and add salt and pepper. Pour this mixture over the veggies. Let it cook for a few minutes. If you are using a cast iron pan, go ahead and stick the entire thing in the oven till the top of the frittata is cooked. Sprinkle with mozzarella or Parmesan cheese. If you’re not using a cast iron pan and your pan has some plastic on it, I suggest you do what I did. Let the frittata cook in the pan for a little bit until it is solid enough to handle. With the help of a spatula carefully transfer the frittata into a baking tray. I used a circular one, but you can use a flat cookie tray too. Don’t worry if it breaks, simply reassemble it in your baking tray. The uncooked egg with act as glue in the oven and your frittata will come out in one piece.

I ate it with two slices of whole grain bread with cream cheese on it, but you can pair it with rice or even mac and cheese!


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