Toronto Zoo

What? Toronto Zoo
How much? $21 regular admission, $14 for seniors and $13 for children, free for toddlers and babies.
How do I get there? Take the green line to Kennedy station and take the 86A Scarborough bus to the Zoo. It takes a while, but you’ll get there, eventually.

The enclosed pavilions are a must-see. They’ve recreated the animals’ natural habitat, so it’s often hot and humid inside as well as smelly. Butterflies, exotic plants and streams make you feel like you’ve stepped into a forest. My favorite part are the free flight birds. This means that exotic-looking birds of paradise of all colours are flying around above your head while you look at the monkeys, tortoises, snakes and alligators in cages. It’s a pretty cool experience especially for a nature/animal lover!

My favorite part of the zoo: The Beaver Tail. A fried, flat piece of pastry topped with cinnamon sugar, cinnamon sugar and lemon, cinnamon sugar and apples or chocolate and candy. Deeeelish.


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