Downtown Diaries: Lakeshore Walks

What? Lakeshore
How do I get there? Walk south from Union to Queen’s Quay West or, south from Mill St (Distillery District) and west past the harbour-ey looking area.
How much? Subway fare or free!

This post was originally meant to be a part of the one about Distillery District. That’s because I sort of covered both places in one day. Walking South from the Distillery District leads you down to a sort of cargo-harbour-docking area and a kilometer or so west from there, is where the fun starts.
Redpath sugar factory is one of my favorite things to look at on this walk. One of the buildings has a gigantic mural painted on it– it depicts ocean life, large whales swimming under a sunny ocean surface. It’s amazing to look at, it feels almost life-size.

After the factory comes the ferry pick up location for Centreville Amusement Park. If you walk towards it (and don’t want to visit Centreville), you’ll come across a large park with seagulls, families, dogs, all frolicking in the great summer weather. The park is lined by a boardwalk where people often walk, jog or bike. It’s amazing to just walk by and watch water birds and yachts floating calmly on the lake.

At the end of this boardwalk is Harbourfront Center, on Queens Quay West. I’m not really sure what Harbourfront center can be categorized as, but I guess I would call it a sort of “cultural” center. Last time I visited they had some amazing art, they had a glass factory and ice skating on the lake. It’s an experience.

My favorite thing to do here is photography on the boardwalk or simply sit on the benches and watch birds and boats. It’s one of the calmest spots downtown Toronto.

I’ve also heard of an urban beach called HTO Park that has recently opened on Lakeshore. Walking further west past Harbourfront should lead you there. I’ve heard it’s got those wonderful tanning chairs and yellow umbrellas. Wiki/Google it, it’s beautiful! I’ve never been, but when I do, perhaps I’ll write a little Downtown Diaries post about it!

Visual, photographic tour? Here ya go.


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