Downtown Diaries #1: Half-Price Tuesday

Yeah, I love alliterations.
Downtown Diaries is a new feature of my blog that will expire the day I move out of my downtown home at Woodsworth Residence. Downtown Diaries is your local travel guide to summer-y things to do downtown, places to eat and shop.

Today’s diary entry is about the Bata Shoe Museum. I live across the road from it and for those of you who do not know where I live, that’s St. George and Bloor St. West. Right on the corner.

The good thing about private museums is that they WANT you to visit so they try to give you as much discount as they can. I paid $3 for a visit to this museum and to be honest, I feel like I got my money’s worth. I would have even paid $5 for it. You’ll never have to pay more than $12 though, and if the cashiers in a good mood, they’ll make up a deal for you on the spot. I think I got the half-price-post-secondary-student deal, hence $3.

What? Paduka
Fun Fact: Made of silver and never worn– ornamental shoes for hindu/ Buddhist temples and such. Wearable ones were made of wood.

What? Chinese Lotus Shoes

Fun Fact: The tighter your feet were bound, the smaller your shoe. The smaller your shoe, the sexier you were. The Chinese loved their Lotus feet.

What? Iron Chestnut Crushing Shoes
Fun Fact: The French used these to get the tough skins off chest nuts.

What? Silk Pointe Shoes
Fun Fact: Ballerinas wear these only for one performance. After one performance they are considered damaged and thrown away.

What? Basketball Shoes
Fun Fact: The average basketball shoe size is US 16. Shaquille O’Neal’s shoe size is US 23. To give you an idea of how crazy that is, I have large feet for a woman and they’re US size 8.

The museum has three floors of just shoes and some of them are really interesting to look at! If you love shoes, this is definitely worth a visit. They currently have a medieval chopine exhibition that is haunting for some reason. Perhaps it is because the shoes are so old that they are kept in a dark area or maybe because most of them have survived the dark ages. The good thing is, you don’t have to exit through the gift shop!


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