Red Velvet

Moving downtown has definitely done a lot of good for my tastebuds. I live about 10 minutes away from a gourmet grocery that sells the most amazing red velvet cupcake. It’s called Pusateri’s and the one I go to is located in Yorkville, Downtown Toronto, Ontario in Canada. The cupcake is not much bigger than most cupcakes, has a thick layer of sweet cream cheese icing and it’s enough to fill you up.

A pair of cupcakes comes in a cute package like this–

Don’t they look adorable just chilling in their little gourmet box, haha

To be completely honest, that icing is brilliant, but it could use some more cream cheese than sugar. It’s a little too sweet and it can get nauseating by the time you finish it. My friend, pictured here, suggests that Pusateri’s should spread the icing all over the cupcake, so that it’s distributed more evenly. Because it’s only on the top, with some bites you get a mouthful of icing and a tiny piece of cake, which can be nauseatingly sweet.

It looks chocolatey, but it’s a very, very, very, dark pink. I can’t believe cake with vinegar in it can taste this good. The least messy way to eat this cupcake is with a knife and a fork, so you can cut it elegantly without getting icing all over your face. But it’s a cupcake. And we’re greedy. We just grabbed the cupcakes with our bare fingers.


One thought on “Red Velvet

  1. omg i love red velvet! we have a store here called the cupcake factory! it is sooo good! you would love it because everything looks sooo good and all the cupcakes are perfectly made!

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